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Upcoming Events

Wellness Ambassadors Retreat

Wellness Ambassadors Retreat 10/31 8:00am

Mid-Semester retreat for College-Wide.


Well-O-Ween 10/31 4:00pm

Student Activities

A health fair aimed at encouraging students to make healthy food choices as well as to introduce them to the cultures of other nations.

Boot Camp

Boot Camp 11/1 10:00am

Athletics and Recreation, Health and Wellness, Student Activities

Indoor Boot Camp for students and faculty

Conversations on Race

Conversations on Race 11/5 10:30am

Skillshops, Workshop, Student Activities, Cultural

The Peace and Justice Initiative in partnership with Human Resources hosts CONVERSATIONS ON RACE. In response to current events, and as our country reflects...

Cancelled: LFMP3344: Infusing College Success Skills- CRN 2751

Cancelled: LFMP3344: Infusing College Success... 11/7

Faculty Development Course

Online Course: Nov 7, 2014 - Nov 21, 2014 (6 PD Hours) This course has been cancelled.

Recent Events

Well-O-Ween 10/30/2014

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Gregg Buckingham

Gregg Buckingham left a positive review 8/20/2013

Adriene and Gary did a fantastic job. Staying past the appointed end time to address questions.

Craig Blazejewski

Craig Blazejewski posted a photo 2/27/2013

Cheryl Livingston

Cheryl Livingston left a positive review 2/15/2013

It was a great introduction to make sure we all knew what the course procedures and expectations are.

Rachel Allen

Rachel Allen posted a photo 12/3/2012

Osceola Campus

Osceola Campus posted a photo 7/2/2012

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