Valencia College

Event Calendar for Osceola Campus

October 21 - 27, 2018

Tuesday, October 23

Let's be Honest: The LGBTQ+ Perspective on Sexual Health

This 60 minute skillshop will provide insight into the LGBTQ+ perspective on sexual health, preventative practices and community resources. We will also have...

The Challenge Zone

The Wellness Ambassadors will provide students with a chance to put their critical thinking abilities to the test by having mind challenges and an escape room.

Wednesday, October 24

UCF Admissions Application Workshop

Designed for students interested in one-on-one assistance on starting, and/or completing the UCF Admissions Application to meet the November 1st Application...

Thursday, October 25

Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention

Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention is a 1 hour training designed to equip students with the skills to understand, recognize, and prevent sexual assault....

Friday, October 26

Valencia Voice Story Call

The Valencia Voice is the student news group of Valencia College. We report the diverse stories affecting Valencia students using photos, audio, video, and...