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Darlene Anderson

Darlene Anderson left a positive review 6/8/2018

This was a great musical. Loved Sherlock and Watson. I really enjoyed it.

Darlene Anderson

Darlene Anderson left a positive review 4/20/2018

Sprint Opera was great! loved it. it was nice not having to have my head stuck in the books for exam week. nice relief. Please have more.!!!

Karen Marie Borglum

Karen Marie Borglum left a positive review 4/13/2018

I enjoyed the original docudrama very much. Nicely done!

Stefi Honey

Stefi Honey left a positive review 4/8/2018

FANTASTIC doesn’t even come close in description of the amazingly potent Transitions docudrama live theater production by Prof John DiDonna. Based on real people DiDonna has written the characters to include most every type of Gender non conforming people and does well with balancing humor and compassion with the stark realities of depression and dysphoria and a confused social presence. The characters are well developed and the performances are light and fun and dark and stoic. A MUST SEE of there ever was. Transitions should stimulate conversation and offer some answers to questions while creating an opportunity to unify our community with simple acceptance and compassion and empathy. Transitions offers us HOPE for our future by giving us a snapshot of who we are today - we discover where we want to be tomorrow. Transitions is THAT, and more...
♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️Miss Stefi

Patricia Anderson

Patricia Anderson left a positive review 6/19/2017

I enjoyed "Next to Normal" more than any other theater production I have seen at Valencia!!! Outstanding performance!!! Great voices!!!

Jaz Min AAybar

Jaz Min AAybar left a positive review 2/24/2017

I loved it <3333 great actors!

Silva Kandiah

Silva Kandiah left a positive review 11/4/2016

A great night!. However, it should have a master-of-ceremonies who should have explained the purpose, theme, and made some jokes to bind everything together.

East Campus Black Box Theater

East Campus Black Box Theater posted a photo 8/1/2016

Craig Blazejewski

Craig Blazejewski posted a photo 9/13/2013

Chris Siciliano

Chris Siciliano left a positive review 12/8/2012

I really enjoyed it. It was a very long show and it might have benefitted from being a little shorter. The set changes and transitions were not as seamless as I would haev liked but they were extensive and the performers were also ddoing pretty drastic costume changes so that might have just been a necessary evil. The 2nd act was by far my favorite. I have an appreciation for opera too and for the most part he 2st act was done well, but I was sitting there waiting with much anticipation for the musical theater portion of the show and it definitely dragged at points and I was hoping for it to end soon, even though it was well performed.