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Student Development’s Purpose is to provide opportunities for students to develop personally, socially and academically by offering co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, programs and services.

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This Skillshop will offer practical Can I create happiness for myself by changing my perspective? 2020 was a difficult year- we are now in a new year with...

1/26 3pm

Can you picture 2030? What will you be doing? Does that job exist today? Come spend 50 minutes with us-you'll be amazed at today's innovation and...

1/27 11am

Join our Student Development Wellness Ambassadors as we spring into another semester of wellness opportunities. We wil explore the 7 Dimensions of Wellness...

1/27 3pm

Understanding the ways credit and debt work for and against you are some of the first steps toward understanding personal finance. Join us for a deep dive...

1/28 11am

Technology. One of the greatest tools we have. Most use for good, but some use for evil. Stalkers may use technology to gain knowledge about someone else. Be...

1/28 6pm

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