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Skillshops are free workshops, or mini courses, that provide real-life solutions to common student issues. You know, all those things that you're dealing with or want to learn about that aren't covered in class. With Skillshops, you can get help with everything from finding financial aid and improving study habits to facing depression and dealing with stress.

Why Attend Skillshops?

They're free.
They're offered on all campuses during the day and evening.
They're short - only an hour or two.
You can attend as many as you want.
They're jam-packed with information relevant to your life.
They're taught by experts, counselors, advisors and professors.
You don't need to sign up or register in advance. Just show up with your Valencia student I.D.

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Upcoming Events

Skillshop: Major Decision Making: How to Use Work/Life Balance to Find the Right Major

When a student is undecided, choosing a major can be very overwhelming (Most. Stressful. Choice. Ever.) Sometimes, even when a student has selected a major,...

2/28 1pm
Skillshop: Job Fair Prepare

*LIMITED SEATING* Learn strategies before, during, and after to be successful at a job fair as well as research tools to investigate potential employers.

3/6 1pm
Skillshop: Be the One to Step In

You know when something's not right. When someone's in trouble - or about to be. You can be the one to help. Say something. Cause a distraction. Be the one...

3/7 1pm
Networking 101

Networking is helpful to make connections in the work field. Come learn how to communicate in a professional setting and understand professional etiquette.

3/8 11am
Skillshop: Want a Job? It Starts With Your Resume

*LIMITED SEATING* During the job search process it is important to stand out from the crowd. Learn tips on how you can create a resume that lands you the job...

3/8 1pm

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