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Valencia Volunteers is a referral resource for students and other members of the Central Florida Community. We are committed to promoting volunteerism on our campuses and throughout Central Florida. We offer one-time special event opportunities, and we refer students to agencies and volunteer projects that best fit their needs and interests. Valencia Volunteers works with clubs and organizations, staff, faculty and over two hundred community agencies.

How do you become a Volunteer?

* Fill out an application
* Receive a volunteer log-in time sheet
* Research the volunteer opportunities in the community and on campus
* Speak with an agency contact by phone or in person
* Set up a schedule for orientation and volunteering

Ways to find out about Volunteer Opportunities:

* Valencia College newsletters
* Valencia Volunteers offices
* Volunteer Bulletin Boards
* Atlas Announcements

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Upcoming Events

Pawsitive Action Foundation

Pawsitive Action Foundation 9/29 9am

Students, Community / Volunteerism

Come volunteer with the Pawsitive Action Foundation and assist with dog training and facility maintenance.

Pawsitive Action Foundation

Pawsitive Action Foundation 9/29 9am

Volunteer activity opportunity that involves assisting with dogs and facility maintenance.

A Gift For Teaching

A Gift For Teaching 10/27 9am

Students, Community / Volunteerism

A gift for teaching mission is to improve public school education by providing resources and surplus materials free to teachers for their students in need....

Clean The World

Clean The World 12/1 1pm

Students, Community / Volunteerism

Clean the world Collect and recycle soap and hygiene products discarded every day by the hospitality industry and other sectors that generate environmental...

Clean The World Foundation

Clean The World Foundation 12/1 1pm

Students, Community / Volunteerism

Volunteer activity opportunity that invovles sorting Hygiene products.

Recent Events

Beautification Day 6/12/2017

Wish Big 3/2/2017

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