Valencia College

West Campus Student Services Building (SSB)

Paul Mears, Sr. Student Services Building

Information Station
Answer Center
Security Office (Parking Tags)
Business Office
International Student Services

1800 S Kirkman Rd, Orlando, FL

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Answer Center, All Locations: West Campus




Upcoming Events

Welcome Back Fair

Welcome back students!

1/9/2019 12pm
Skillshops: Managing Your Time- Use Your Jelly Beans Wisely!

*Limited Seating* Learn strategies for effective time management.

1/28/2019 1pm
Skillshop: Fun Time with Registration

Students will be able to acquire knowledge with the tools in Atlas that will assist with their registration process

2/6/2019 1pm
Skillshops: Decisions and Values and Skills! Oh My! Mindfulness Can Help

*Limited Seating* Explore the concept of mindfulness and the impact practicing mindfulness techniques can have on decisions and values. Learn how values play...

2/7/2019 5pm
Skillshops: Ethics- Critical Thinking for Career Success

*Limited Seating* Interactive thought experiments to allow students to explore how perspective effects decision making.

2/13/2019 1pm

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