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Wellness Ambassadors

Students can make their own bath bombs with eco friendly ingredients.

1/22 12pm
Space Odyssey 2020

Floating around campus? Not sure where to get help? Join West Campus Learning Support Services to find out how you can launch a successful semester.

1/23 12pm

Can you picture 2030? What will you be doing? Does that job exist today? Come spend 50 minutes with us-you'll be amazed at today's innovation and...

1/23 1pm
Bridges to Success – ROAR

A mentoring program for female Bridges to Success Scholars ONLY Please Sign Up using the link...

1/30 1pm

This Skillshop will provide an overview of the admissions timeline and application expectations for graduate and professional degree programs. Special focus...

2/4 1pm

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Cheryl Kelley

Cheryl Kelley left a positive review 10/22/2019

The session included simple, fun creativity and a friendly atmosphere. It's always a pleasure to have the opportunity to listen to Dr. Williams and we were invited to ask questions and she was open to all questions. Playdough Power Hour was enjoyable and informative.


marcosanchez left a positive review 10/18/2012

I love the way you combine clothes together in order to create a whole new out fit. Such a talent person!

Patty Foor Brunner

Patty Foor Brunner left a positive review 1/24/2018

It was very informative. The representative was very helpful, professional and I enjoyed meeting her.

Staphany Pachon

Staphany Pachon posted a photo 11/13/2017

Staphany Pachon

Staphany Pachon posted a photo 11/13/2017

Staphany Pachon

Staphany Pachon posted a photo 9/26/2017

Staphany Pachon

Staphany Pachon posted a photo 6/23/2017

Dee Williams

Dee Williams left a positive review 1/24/2017

(; it was <3 felt like home

Janel Loperena

Janel Loperena left a negative review 4/5/2016

I wish I could say whether I did or did not like it however that would be dishonest. I drove 40 minutes away waited 2 hours and none of the representatives showed up. They did not even have the decency to say they would not be attending. If this is how the valencia recruitment or jp morgan chase represent themselves I do not recommend attending any of their events.

Pamela Sandy

Pamela Sandy left a positive review 10/13/2015

Enjoyed the discussion and learned another technique for flipped learning.