Valencia College


Friday, December 14

Read2Succeed Tutor Positions Available

The Read2Succeed program provides tutoring in Reading to first and second grade students in Orange County Public Schools (OCPS). Eligible students are paid...

BTS - Molding Men For Tomorrow (MM4T) - West

A mentoring program for male Bridges to Success Scholars. Bridges to Success male students ONLY.

WEST - Reach Out and Realize Your Success

A mentoring program for female BTS students only. Bridges to Success students ONLY.

Fall Valencia College Osceola Campus Intro Tour | Fridays 10am

Campus Intros are 45-minute walking tours led by a Valencia Welcome Team Ambassador. Intros help prospective students and their families become familiar with...

Fall 18 Valencia College East Campus Intro Tour | Fridays 11am

This is not New Student Orientation. Please log into your Atlas Account to sign up for a New Student Orientation Session. Campus Intros are 45-minute...

Spring Tuition - Fee Payment Deadline

All Spring tuition and fees must be paid in full by 5:00 pm deadline. If you miss the deadline, you may be deleted from your courses and will have to pay a...

Friday, December 14