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The Choreographers' Showcase is in its twenty-second year of performances! Designed to showcase student choreography, this annual event provides students with a creative outlet to show their work.

This year, we will be transitioning the showcase to an online venue. It will be pre-recorded and shared on Valencia's Website for a limited time .

Admission is free, but donations to the Valencia College Department of Dance will be accepted.

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I enjoyed the performances. I felt that the lighting in a couple of the pieces was a little dark, though it might be that my computer wasn't as responsive to the video and the ambient lighting I was dealing with were a factor. The credit screens at the beginning of the individual pieces could have been displayed a little longer. I read fairly fast and was unable to fully absorb the content. I was unaware of a feature to rewind the video, if there was one. Performances 10, technical 9.