Valencia College

Spring Break

Valencia College is closed for Spring Break. Woot woot!

Tell us your plans for the break or upload a photo of your favorite Spring Break destination... Keep it classy Valencia.

Monday, March 11, 2019

More dates through March 17, 2019

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Emma Alex

Emma Alex 10/16/2018

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Emma Alex

Emma Alex 10/16/2018

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Emma Alex

Emma Alex 10/16/2018

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Emma Alex 10/16/2018

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Roger Flopple

Roger Flopple 10/16/2018

College is closed holidays are start best feelings :)

Laura Brito

Laura Brito 10/2/2017

I'm going to New Hampshire to baptize my God Daughter.

Ashley Whitehead

Ashley Whitehead 2/27/2017

I'll be in NEW YORK, NEW YORK! :)