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The Orlando Mayor’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Commission in partnership with the Peace and Justice Institute (PJI) at Valencia are proud to present The DREAM Community Dialogue Series. These workshops focus on our shared humanity with an exploration of race, privilege, religion, gender, sexual orientation, bias, systems of privilege and oppression and practical application. Through these dialogues, a sense of honesty, reflection, critical thinking, and openness in the community are fostered. These workshops create a safe spaces for dialogue within our local communities. The Dream Series consist of six highly interactive, multi-media workshops over a selected period, creating sustained dialogue and culture, while building trust and relationship within the community. The workshops are custom tailored to address the concerns of the organization and community. The workshops build on each other, one after the other, to create an integrated series with an end game in mind- a renewed mindset about the value of the relationship, community and trust within the local community.

In the fourth session of this series, participants will gain an understanding of what is meant by privilege (unearned advantage) and explore multiple areas of privilege, including white privilege. The scholar Dr. Peggy McIntosh will inform our understanding of privilege and privilege systems. The workshop teaches that all people experience unearned privilege as well as disadvantages, and allows participants space and time to share personal stories in a disarming and safe environment. This workshop will create a safe space for participants to risk sharing life experiences that shaped them in relation to systems of privilege and disadvantage. This workshop will balance the scholarship "on the shelf" with the "scholarship of the self" (Emily Style). The personal story of our lives, our lived experience, shared openly and honestly with others, gives life to the theoretical frameworks. The telling of personal story supports an authentic transformation of self and strengthens relationship. Honoring every story and treating each other with dignity and respect are modeled in this safe environment. 

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