Valencia College

West Campus Student Services Building (SSB)

Paul Mears, Sr. Student Services Building

Information Station
Answer Center
Security Office (Parking Tags)
Business Office
International Student Services

1800 S Kirkman Rd, Orlando, FL

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Answer Center, All Locations: West Campus




Upcoming Events

Bring a Friend to OSD

Come visit the West Campus Office for Students with Disabilties. We will have games, food, fun, music, and information about various disabilities and how our...

11/19 11am
Skill Shops - Bring On The Disruption: Lets Talk About Tomorrow

Can you picture 2029? What will you be doing? Does that job exist today? Come spend 50 minutes with us-you'll be amazed at today's innovation and...

11/19 2:30pm
Skill Shops - Transferable Skills: Make The Connection!

Being able to relate the skills you have with the position you are applying for can be the difference between getting the job or not. *Limited Seating*

11/20 1pm
A World Full of Color

Our world is like a canvas, the people are like paint. Our differences make our colors. Our interactions are the stroke of the paintbrush mixing our colors...

11/21 12pm
Skill Shops - Yes or No 6 Seconds? Resume Strategies For Success

During the job search process it is important to stand out from the crown. Learn tips on how you can create a resume that lands you the job or internship you...

12/3 1pm

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